Be Inspired

Who is Diana L. Hilaire? I’m a native Brooklynite with a Caribbean heritage. Growing up, I noticed the way my family prepared and transformed for every occasion. No matter how small or large, each became a grand production, that brought out the best of those around me. This experience awakened in me, a passion for the details that makes an event an affair.

More than 10 years later, events have elevated from my passion project to career. My passion has granted me the opportunity to lead events for world renowned brands like Sony Music, jetBlue, YMCA and Macy’s. Now, I am making my passion project a full-time priority.

Welcome to Hilaire Affairs Event Management, where ensuring smiles, good vibes and feeling special is an absolute guarantee! Hilaire Affairs is sure to be the company that makes your special day feel even more auspicious than imaginable. Let us be your breath of fresh AIRE.